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what transition fossil species are confirmed ascendants of modern snakes?

going up the evolutionary tree, what transition fossils are between snakes as we know today, and all other limbed reptiles? is there any comprehensible evolutary timeline like that of birds and dinosaur, or humans and apes, or all big marine mammals, seals, and the ursan animals, showing clear candidates for transition fossils, but for snake evolution?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    There are fossils of snakes with legs.  Snakes and lizards both belong to the order Squamata.

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    There are no such things as "ascendants" in evolutionary biology.  You're either an ancestor or a descendant, or both.

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    <<<<<<<<Snakes are thought to have evolved from either burrowing or aquatic lizards, perhaps during the Jurassic period, with the earliest known fossils dating to between 143 and 167 Ma ago. The diversity of modern snakes appeared during the Paleocene epoch (c 66 to 56 Ma ago, after the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event).


    There are legless lizards such as glass snakes that have evolved since the last common ancestor with modern snakes and lizards so it is pretty easy to see where loosing your legs could be advantageous.  

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    The transition clade is not simply a fossil, it is still alive. Look up:

    Ground Skink, better yet, look up Italian Skink. 

    We are certain that they came from the clade scincomorpha, as do ground skinks, the transitioning species was likely very much like a ground skink if not an actual ground skink. 

    Fossils are a rarity to come across so we need to use genetics in this instance. Thankfully ground skinks and snakes are still thriving and alive today.

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  • CRR
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    None are confirmed ancestors.

    Some evolutionists think snakes evolved from lizards by losing their legs. However this is not supported by the fossil record in which the 4 oldest fossils; Eophis underwoodi, Portugalophis lignites, Diablophis gilmorei, and Parviraptor estesi; are legless and some younger ones have legs.

    In addition there are differences in several anatomical features that separate snakes from lizards; Eyelids, Nictitating membrane, Teeth, Jaw, Locomotion, Tails, Sensory organs.

    But even if the story were true the loss of limbs would show devolution, not evolution.*

    In fact there are NO transitional fossils that are claimed to be in the line of descent between the proposed ancestor and descendant.

    *[edit] Most, if not all, examples of "evolution" are the result of loss of genetic information, traits, or in this case limbs. The theory of evolution from microbes to man depends on innumerable incremental gains of genetic information, traits, organs, and body parts. How can evolution have climbed Mt Improbable when every observed instance is moving downhill? Scientific observations refute the theory of evolution.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Snakes evolved from a lizard. The oldest known snake fossils(Pachyrhachis and Haasiophis) are found in Israel, near Jerusalem and they have tiny legs. They are found in marine deposits. That means snakes likely evolved from a lizard that lived in the sea. These snakes still have hindlimbs. Scientists find that these ancient snakes shared some similarities with mosasaurs, which are monitor lizards that lived in the sea during the age of dinosaurs 

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    There were apparently snakes even in the Dinosaur era:

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    You’re asking people who believe the Earth is flat, was made in 6 days and is only 6000 years old. 

    Good luck with that 

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