Should clerical work eliminate quota systems?

Should they be eliminated to reduce the amount of anguish placed upon the workers?

I had worked for a law firm that was a service provider firm for legal shield. We had a stupid quota system. There were different divisions within the firm but everyone had to met a quota, even the attorneys (except for the partners).

I worked in the referrals dept. Referral clerks had a quota of 15 referrals per day and follow up referrals had 25 referrals per day. My job was to convince attorneys to take up cases but not every attorney is going to accept a referral.

The place has a huge turn over rate. The girl I replaced left the company without telling anyone. I've read reviews that the CSR section has people dropping like flies because of the amount of pressure and being overworked.

I lasted three months and quit but the supervisor asked me to come back because I did a great job at making my referrals.

I left because the minute you don't met your quota, you'll hear the supervisor talking about you to the administrator or to the sups boss. Seriously? We're working our butts off and she's gonna talk about her staff as though they're not doing anything?

So bounced but decided to go back to maybe change things. I will speak to an attorney (non attorney at my firm) about if it's legal to demand so much from employees when these higher ups just gossip about workers? And also talk to the attorney about the unrealistic quota system.

Some workers get eye twitches from the stress.

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