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I need life advice please? ?

I have been married for less than one year and in that time frame my husband has had online relationships with 3 different women. A month ago he was also arrested for illegal online activity involving children and is currently out on bond. 

I am now left with making a difficult decision. Should I play the part of a good wife and try to work things out with him and hope we can have a good future? We dated for 4 years before getting married and all of those times were good. I do still have love in my heart for him even though he hurt me. 

Should I move in with my sister and her family who live right down the road? I can stay with them for a few months until I can get on my feet again. We live in a small town though and it would be nearly impossible to avoid my husband, his family, and his friends. 

Or should I move in with my grandparents who live in a different town? This would mean starting completely over, having to find a new job, having to make new friends, everything. 

I am currently 25 years old and I do not have a drivers license. If I stay with my husband he will continue to drive me where I need to go because he doesn't like it when I drive. If I move in with my sister I will have to depend on her for a ride to and from work and she will also help teach me how to drive. If I move in with my grandparents they live in town so I can easily walk anywhere I need to go for the time being and I will have to find a driving school to help me get my license. 

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    Leave town and learn to drive yourself for pete's sake. It's way past time to stop worrying about what your abusive, cheating, perverted husband decides about what HE wants you to do. You are old enough to be a grownup in charge of herself who drives, works, has her own bank account and builds her own life. One that isn't attached to a cheating husband who is into child porn. Come one. Just walk out the door, down the block, to the greyhound station and end your marriage. Your note suggests, to me, that NEW is exactly what is on the menu. 

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    If he won't get counseling it's time to go. The guys got serious problems and is a potei child molester if he isn't already one. It's not your fault u didn't know. Move in with your grandparents to get a fresh start if he refused counseling. I doubt he will as he deceived u all these years. It's awful but u have to save yourself. I had to leave 2nd husband who wanted to beat me while pregnant. I don't think so. It's been hard being alone all these years but it's the best thing I did. The baby is 30 and we are happy.

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    I can't believe you're even questioning what to do with this guy. Three online relationships AND he's been arrested? For activity involving children?! You would be a complete fool if you stayed with this man.

    The ONLY question that you should be asking is whether it's better to move in your grandparents or your sister.

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