Agricultural Bachelor's Degree?

I am having a very hard time into landing a job in the above field of work. With having the noted qualification, its been 6 years am unemployed in the agricultural field.

Vacancies do pop up in the papers. I have been applying everytime in the past years and still applying, but everytime I get a regret letter in my email about the vacant job application.

I just don't know why I can not get the job. My colleagues who did the same study programme with me are working. Some are teachers, some in Biosecurity, some in Research stations.

I had successfully completed all my units and never failed any. Never repeated either. Passed all my exams, assignments etc.

I studied through scholarship also.

Its been 6 years now.

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    4 weeks ago
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    Sometimes you know EXACTLY what is holding you back: lack of experience, not being a diversity hire, or being a diversity hire, bad interview skills, not having sufficient references, and so on.  In other cases you have NO idea why you keep getting rejected.  You are confident that you are doing EVERYTHING right and maybe the interviewer even hints you are a favorite yet you still don’t get the job.  Why?

    You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.  If you are tired of getting rejected it may be time to completely reengineer your entire strategy.

    1. Have your resume, cover letter, and follow up letter(s) professionally done.

    2. Get an interview coach.

    3. Consider hiring a professional head hunter.

    4. Update your wardrobe.

    5. Get your LinkedIn profile and online job boards professionally done.

    6. Consider creating your own website highlighting your relevant job related accomplishments, community work, and any compositions illustrating your subject matter expertise.

    7. Contact your colleagues who succeeded in getting hired and ask them what they did differently than you (plus, invite them to your LinkedIn profile).

    8. Make certain that you throughly research ANY company you apply and be as flattering as possible when you express your interest.  If you get an interview ask questions.  Remember, it’s ALL ABOUT THEM and what they want.

    9. Be mindful of online content you are presently posting or may have posted in the past.

    10. Seek honest feedback from people you trust about your strengths and areas you need to improve: people skills, spelling & grammar, fashion sense, personal hygiene, etc.

    Hope that helps and best of luck to you!

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