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Is this sunburn dangerous? Should I go to the doctor? (Picture included)?

I went tanning yesterday in my backyard and fell asleep. I woke up to the worst sunburn I've ever had. It HURTS. But there's also some rash thing developing on my upper back and the skin there is getting really bumpy which is scaring me. Do I have anything to seriously worry about? Or is it just a bad sunburn and will fully go back to normal?

Picture of my back and legs (with my butt censored, obviously) -

Also, I'm 15 so no creeps please...

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    Try ice and aloe vera gel for now.  Feel free to call your family doctor or a dermatologist on Monday.  It really just looks like a bad burn.  These can hurt really, really badly and it can be nearly impossible to have anything (clothing, sheets, etc.) touch the skin for a few days.

    A doctor can certain let you know if they think you need specific medication. 

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