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When someone doesn't apologize for their behaviour? ?

A month ago I recently purchased a property with a realtor. During my time working with him, he displayed misogynistic behaviour towards me, where for example he got offended when I told him I was calling the shots when making the decision of purchasing the unit and when I was asking him questions he asked me if I was being coached. In addition to this, he bullied me into going with a lawyer even though I told him I already had one. Every time I confronted him of his misogynistic behaviour he laughed and brush it off. I reported him to his company and his boss even agreed his comments were very misogynistic. I asked for a formal apology from him and I have not received it. I realized that when people act rude towards me, it has nothing to do with me but their insecurity. I am trying to remind myself that karma will go back to him and that he is also a bad person. I am trying to move on but I still keep thinking about it. What should I do? Should I leave a review of his behaviour or how should I move on? Also, if you are probably wondering why did you not leave him earlier, he was only displaying misogynistic behaviour towards the end when I got the property and I did all the research to get this property? I am thinking maybe he acting like this because he didn't get what he wanted and it was me that got the unit and not him. 

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    Get over it already ! 

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    1 month ago

    Fill out a Hurt Feelings report and submit to his company. Then phucking get over it.

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    1 month ago

    Are people not allowed to change buyer's agents where you live? You put up with this. blame yourself.

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