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Am I a bad friend?

I booked a holiday with my friend for next month as she really wanted to go and was waiting to go to this destination for ages. At the time, I was trying to please her and went along with it thinking if the government allow it then it should be fine. But ever since, my anxiety has been sky high due to the covid situation and I live with my parents so I'm super nervous and coming home and infecting them. She lives alone so it's different for her. I'm not sure we can get a refund now but I am happy to pay her all of the money for both me and her so that she doesn't lose any money by me dropping out. But I'm worried she'll be angry at me? Am I a bad friend for dropping out of the holiday? I probably shouldn't have booked it but like I said, at the time, it was a very quick decision and my parents were fine with me but ever since we confirmed it I can't help thinking it's too risky. What would you do?

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