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Video game controllers have too many buttons now, agree/disagree?

Sometimes i wake up in the morning and im like "awe man i dont feel like playing video games theres too many buttons!" its getting too hard and difficult having to press all these extra buttons. The game is no longer enjoyable. I dont want to sound like a geeky nerd but in my times the arcades or atari just had a joystick and 1 button and i was like awe man this is fun!, its fast, and enjoyable.

But maybe you feel different, maybe your opinion is like, "i like all these extra buttons, it gives the gamer more options, it makes the game more complex, and thus making it more enjoyable.

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    Still fewer than a keyboard! Seriously though, every time a standard controller came out with more buttons and games were designed around more inputs, I've always been excited for it. I was really hoping those paddles on the underside of a controller would catch on this next generation.

    And if I still played MMOs there's one controller for PC I'd love to try if not for it's huge price tag.

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    Source(s): 20 programmable paddles and the thumbstick can be your WASD.
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    And yet, most games have simplistic control-schemes that use a directional input (analog stick or d-pad), and two main action buttons (usually jump and attack) for a majority of the time... with the other buttons occasionally being used for mundane purposes such a pausing, opening a map/menu, or using a health item.


    The complexity of game controllers peaked with Sony's PS1 dual-shock controller in the 90s, and hasn't evolved much in the last 20 years. The PS5 controller has an identical number of buttons, and nearly the same layout! Perhaps you're overthinking things a little?

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