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bar and weights?

A beam of mass mb = 10.0 kg, is suspended from the ceiling by a single rope. It has a mass of m2 = 40.0 kg attached at one end and an unknown mass m1 attached at the other. The beam has a length of L = 3 m, it is in static equilibrium, and it is horizontal, as shown in the figure above. The tension in the rope is T = 637 N.

1)Determine the unknown mass m1, at the left end of the beam.



2)Determine the distance, x, from the left end of the beam to the point where the rope is attached. Note: take the torque about the left end of the beam.

x =

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    "As shown in the figure above"?  I am still looking for it.

    The rope must support the total mass  ie 637/9.8 = 65 kg m1 + 40 + 10 = 65-> m1 = 15 kg  

    Torques add to zero.  40*3*9.8 + 10 * 1.5 * 9.8 - 637*x = 0  Find x

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