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I near desperately want to read His Dark Materials, but I don’t want to read profanity. Is there an edited version or some way to read it?


There is profanity- such as “what the h”. 

And @Sir Caustic, “near desperately” sounded better than I want to read it very badly.

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    No, there isn't a section in the library or bookstore for censored, sanitized fiction.

    If you don't want to read profanity, however that's defined for you, then your reading selection of modern authors is going to be extremely limited.

    You're entitled to your preference, but have to accept the results.

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    Part of life is learning how to ignore a few things. Just gloss past those words.

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    The books were written for teenagers. There is no "profanity" in them unless your "profanity" filter has an unusually fine gauge.

    If you think "What the hell" (I do hope you didn't mean "What the heck") is "profanity", you might as well switch off from the world altogether.

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    To the best of my recollection, there's no profanity in His Dark Materials.

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    It's been a while since I read the books, but I don't recall any profanity in them. Unless you're referring to the author's obvious disdain for organised religion? Well, no, there isn't a version of the books without that. If it existed, it would be very short.

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    I loved the Dark Materials Trilogy... I don't remember any profanity. 

    There are some scenes that could concievably be traumatic for younger readers, for example you need to be aware of death. But an adult or a teen should have no problems enjoying this series

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    I near desperately want to read your question, but I don’t want to read poor trollery/idiocy. Hope this near desperately helped.

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    Having read the trilogy I didn't notice any profanity. I thoroughly enjoyed reading "His Dark Materials".  Definitely a thought provoking story and well worth reading.

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