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Why does my girlfriend like making me mad on purpose when she knows I have anger issues?

Why does my girlfriend like making me mad on purpose when she knows I have anger issues? She manipulates and act all innocent. Yes ofc I have anger issues but she does things she know will make me mad. This is not cool because my anger comes from my childhood and depression I never told her this but still who does this? I’m thinking about leaving her because she does this stuff on purpose like testing my patience.

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    If you have anger issues from your childhood, it might help to get some therapy and do the work it takes to make positive life changes.  Such as, learning you're safe now, this is no longer your childhood.  Right now, that's over.  It takes a bit of work to learn to let the anger go and move forward, and the work is well worthwhile.  Living in the past, and carrying anger around isn't productive.  

    And set limits and boundaries with the girlfriend.  There's nothing wrong with letting her know that it seems she's trying to push your buttons, and that can't happen anymore. It's about self-protection and self-preservation. 

    Honestly, i don't know why you'd stay with someone who purposefully tried to make you angry anyway? 

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    Than leave her if that stuff how you feel  only you know her and what is best for you.

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    4 weeks ago

    part of relationships is to show you what you need to work on within yourself, might consider anger management classes or meditation to cool your fire within, because if you were to break up with her, the next lady in your life will learn your triggers and how to push your buttons to bring out the best and worst in you as this one is doing now. 

    Source(s): life experiences, in other words, been there, done that.
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    If she’s triggering you intentionally, you should break up the relationship and distance yourself from this woman.  

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