How to stay on the back of a motorcycle seat?

Apologies for the extremely unclear question. I absolutely could not figure out how to word the issue im having in the form of a question. 

My issue: I have been a passenger on a harley street bob for the past 2 years. Taking road trips that have been 10 hours plus. 

Im 5’4 120lbs. My rider 5’6 140lbs. 

The bike does have a back rest and wide foot pegs. But no matter my grip on the back rest behind me/or holding my driver, and my foot position while bearing down.....any bump we hit i fly up off my seat. 

I cant seem to find a solution where I can keep myself down on the seat throughout the ride. My body is so stiff and tense the entire ride preparing for turbulence, and its very difficult to see past my drivers helmet to prepare for upcoming bumps. Especially in high wind. For me an hour ride is exhausting because im so tense and almost in pain. My driver has zero solutions for me because he cant understand the issue im having. 

Has anyone ever experienced this that can help me out with some suggestions? Thank you all so much in advance:)

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  • 1 month ago

    It sounds like he might need to install better shocks (or, if possible, adjust the shocks) and try not to hit so many bumps at high speed.

    Or get a better bike.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Grab the riders crotch. Should he hit a pothole at speed, your hand will rip his Willie off.  It is the driver's responsibility to make the ride as smooth as possible because "he likes his Willie"and wants to take with him to his grave...not clenched in your claws.

    Or start looking for a BETTER one who can steer.

    Never do I try to look past the that puts the balance off as your head is not light. Sit like you were glued to his back.(centered of course).  You are for him, a piece of luggage. 

    . It never has to "see" where it is going.

  • 1 month ago

    It's better to ride your own than to be a pillion passenger.  Have a look at, say, a used Yamaha V-Star 650.

  • adam
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    my daily go to ride is a 09 Dyna Street Bob. My ball and chain [GF]  she weighs about 115 pounds soaking wet in boots. Never has your problem. I kinda think your to tensed up and stiff. Relax a little and just move with the bike. I had her best friend on the bike recently and I couldnt even tell she was there. She moved with the bike easily because she rides horses.

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  • Tim D
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You are tensing up too much, relax and you will notice a huge difference (all very well telling you to relax but put in the effort to and it will pay off). You will not fly off, it might feel like you will but you won't, especially with a backrest.

    I prefer my pillions to put an arm over my shoulder and one on my waist and then look over the other shoulder which gives them a decent view forward.

    The rider bears responsibility for the comfort and safety of the pillion, if they will not listen to or try to understand your problem, find another rider. Or, better still, get a bike of your own. And relax.

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