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My father and my sister argued, could you please give me some advices about this situation ?

8th january 2020 We were in Disneyland, where my sister stopped in front of rollercoaster,while my father and I keep walking .. so my sister didn't see us , and run to us very angry and screamed to my father Are you going away from here? Myfather replied : we want to leave you here ( He was joking ) my sister get mad and kicked my father on the ankle. . My father screamed in pain.. and since then they don't talk each other.. what can i do ?

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    Knowing the age of your sister would help. Your father thought he was being funny (I guess) but what he said scared or angered your sister and she reacted by acting like a 5 year old and kicking your father. Everyone should just apologize and move on because this is stupid.

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    This is nothing to do with Gender Studies. Why don't you move it to "Family and Relationships"?

    Just click on Edit.

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    You're sister sounds like a karen, there is no cure for karenism. You just have to deal with her crazy personality.

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