English Persuasive Essay ( Pls Help) ?

"What is the responsibility that we as media consumers (both mainstream media

and social media) have to seek out and share news and information we know to

be true?" 

^^ This is the question I have to answer, I am not sure which three points to use that will give me a strong essay to write about? 

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  • Anonymous
    1 day ago

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  • sam
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    3 months ago

    Here are some ideas.

    Is it our responsibility to search for news that we know is true or is it the responsibiliy of the media company?

    Why is it important to seek out news that we know is true?

    How do we know which news is true?

    What happens if we believe inaccurate news?

    What happens if we share fake news?

    Is it different if we share knowing the news is wrong or without knowing the news is wrong? 

    Should we seek out fake news to hear what the other side has to say?

    Does searching for media we know to be true only confirm our own existing views and never challenge them? 

  • 3 months ago

    1. we as media consumers (both mainstream media

    and social media) have to take responsibility to seek

    intelligible presentation news,views,and counter views and

    not any BS like this question.

    this point and only this point is paramount.

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