What is life REALLY like in Leicester ?

I’m not talking about Leicester, in lockdown I’m talking about Leicester as a city overall. What’s its nightlife like/ it’s people/ residents/ university or those who where born and bred there?  

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    3 months ago
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    Leicester is a very vibrant multicultural city, with a history of manufacturers of textiles and shoe industry, a very rich city with lovely architecture, central in geography with great road/rail links so very easy to get anywhere else, lots of beautiful countryside, forests and  locals market towns, all of which are very different.......... A fabulous very big daily open air market, which used to be the largest in Europe ( not idea if it still is) nightlife was great with multi venues, lots of pubs and two very big Universities either of which if you get into you are doing very well which are fairly close to each other so a strong student community which are also close to the city centre, Football( Foxes), Rugby ( Tigers) and Cricket clubs ( Grace Rd) which I was involved with all of them....it has the largest Dewali celebrations in the world which is centred about 1 miles outside city centre in what is known as "Little India" which used to be where the midland red bus station used to be and one of the rail stations and the whole are now is 'India' with Indian cinemas, banks, shops and restaurants ( a lovely place to go and I alway do when I visit now)

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