What do "husky" and "skewing the husky" mean in this context?

In the tv show Superstore, Season 5 ep.11, they use those words in a way that doesn't fit any explanation I found in dictionaries. At one point  the assistant manager informs the store manager they're having problems getting enough produce: "No produce deliveries. Today we are 

skewing a little husky so we should be fine,but there is a chance that we may have a problem on the weekend".

A few minutes later they are in the manager's office and talk about it again. The assistant manager says:" Oh, shouldn't be a problem today. It's looking really husky out there", and the other person replies "Right? So husky." 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    This doesn't mean anything, there must be context in the show to explain what they mean. In general, if you say 'we are skewing a little..." it means we are tending towards, we are leaning towards, we are going in the direction of. So the manager is saying we are leaning towards being (husky, which doesn't mean anything in this context, other than a type of dog).

    When the assistant says 'it's looking really husky out there', it's clear that in this world, 'husky' has a specific meaning to these people, and it's probably generally good or sufficient, just based on the rest of the sentence.

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