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Why does she hate me for no reason?

In my class, there was a girl who hated me. She looked at me with a disgusted face (like if you smelled rotten eggs look). I spoke to her only once. I asked her "can you please pick up my pencil" since it rolled near her desk. She kicked it farther away from me. I have never done anything to her. Why is she like this?

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    Sounds like she's just a spoilt brat.  I wouldn't worry about her motives.  People like that don't need a motive to be horrible to don't assume automatically that people don't like you.  You are OK so there's no reason for people to dislike you.....therefore, the problem lies with THEM....not you.  

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    Don’t get insulted, just don’t care !

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    1 month ago

    I’ve never met her so I don’t know. But little girls are horrible.

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    Some people are just mean for no reason especially bullies, people can get full of themselves and find any reason to not like someone usually it’s the way they look or how they dress like girls at my old school looked at kids with cheap clothes/shoes as if they were disgusting, jerks.

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    Questions like this crack me anyone here would know.

    That being said, as someone who has far more life behind me than ahead, you will encounter many people who for reasons you will never comprehend, don't like you, aren't nice to you, say/do mean things to you.

    There is absolutely no reason to take any of it personally.  We tend to make up complete scripts in our head about why others do what they do, tend to center it around ourselves when in reality, we have no idea.

    You don't know what is going on in her life.  People who act like that are unhappy people.  Try to remind yourself of this, have some compassion for her obvious misery and let it go.

    If you learn this now you will save yourself a lot of grief.

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