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Wouldn't taking the Soul Stone before Thanos got it instantly make everything fine?

In Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers have to go back in time to get the Infinity Stones so they can bring back half the population since Thanos destroyed the stones after snapping half of all life out of existence.  At the end of the movie Captain America goes back to put the stones in their proper places so they don't cause paradoxes that make things even worse.  I get that.  However, why did he have to take the Soul Stone back?  By not replacing it, there would be no way for Thanos to get it and be able to wipe out half of all life in the universe.  And it's not like putting it back brings back Black Widow which would've at least made some sense as to why he had to return it.  All replacing it does is let it be there so Thanos can get it later by sacrificing Gamora and completing his goal.

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    They didn't want to undo the good things which had happened since the snap, which were personified in Tony Stark's daughter.

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    There's actually a few flaws in Endgame's time travel logic.  For example, Thanos travels from the past before he assembled the stones to the future when the Avengers have assembled them.  Meaning he wasn't there in the intermediate time periods.  Ergo, he never snapped.  So all the effects of the snap never happened.  Including the Avengers going back in time to get the stones.  Paradox!

    I think the answer to your question is that they are trying as best they can to minimize the danger inherent in time travel by minimizing the effect on the past.  This is part of what the Ancient One explains to Hulk.  Even something as impactful of preventing the snap in THEIR timeline could result in the doom of an infinite number of other timelines.

    So they're trying to take the stones and return them without them being 'missing' for any important historical events.  Minimize their footprint on history.

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    Remember how Dr Strange said they lose in every universe but one? They had to do what they did or else the outcome would have been worse, whatever he did with the soul stone it would have been found. 

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