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Is the gf setting me up?

The other night I got into a big fight with her family.  She called me to tell me hes pressing charges. The police came out and filled a police report and asked them to press charges and or a ppo.  He said no I'll take care of it himself. He said I have no problem with him picking her up in the street but having him go off or going  on  his property they will press charges. My gf wants me to pick her up. I feel like it's a set up by either her dad or her. I also have a big social net wort people after me with a ring leader. Is it possible is he setting me up or even my gf? To make it worse could she be joining the networt. She said she never would but my friend says people always say things.

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  • Foofa
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    I doubt your social network circle has anything to do with this. But if your gf is an adult she should move out of her family home. If she's a minor it's probably for the best that you two break up. 

  • `
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    1 month ago

    Your girlfriend is "setting" you up and your "big social network people" are after you?  Either you're a troll or you need to see a psychiatrist.  I'm betting on troll.

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    Do not try to replace Stephen King writing fiction, you are terrible at it

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