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Are the only dangerous & highly venomous colubrid snakes are the Boomslang, Twig Snake & the Asian Rhabdophis Keelback?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    That may be so, although future discoveries may reveal more species that are highly venomous. Many colubrid snakes have rear fangs that are too small to be dangerous, and many also have venom that are not particularly dangerous. For example rear fanged colubrid snakes in the genera Boiga (cat-eyed snakes), Heterodon (hognoses), Trimorphodon (lyre snakes) and Hypsiglena (night snakes) are not considered dangerous to humans. Nevertheless, sometimes humans have allergies to the saliva of snakes that are not considered venomous, and these allergies can require hospitalizations and may be mistaken as envenomation. Garter snakes are not considered venomous, but their teeth are long and their saliva may also cause allergic reactions.  The keelbacks are close relatives of water snakes and garter snakes.

    Personally I have been bitten by kingsnakes and the wound barely broke skin and kingsnakes are not considered venomous at all but I still develop slight swelling and itching, which are mild allergic reactions.

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