what does this mean??? whats wrong with me??? am i fear of my farther??

im a 26 and a half year old male with medium level ADHD. Now add fuel to the fire when i was 7 my farther divorced my mom and betrayed me and my 2 younger brothers and had a affair with my mom. when i was 7 my farther would spank / beat me to the point of tears and i being only 7 i never understood why i remember one night i was at kfc and my stepmom got me all upset threatening me with my farther if i dont sit at the table with her my dad and youngest brother so i came sat down all upset in tears and so as a result of it i didnt eat my kfc order so as we left kfc my dad said to me just wait til we get to the house and at first i was sitting in the truck kinda thinking like do i go inside or do i like sit here in the truck??? so i got inside the house and my farther beat me to the point of tears and said here take this drink you had to have all angered at me and with me in tears dropped me off at mom. i was all in tears crying my eyes out and decided i wanted nothing to do with the man and that if or when i had kids in order to protect my kids it would be a cold day in hell long before my kids seen their grandfarther in order for me to protect them now years later every time im around my farther and my stepmom im a man of very few words and i keep silent at all times only speak to the server to order and even then i dont look at the server in the eyes insteadi look at the menu or table or something and thats it majority of the time im so silent that. on my mom's side im fine

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  • 3 months ago
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    i suggest u tell what u wrote to your father looking him right in the eye. what he did was child abuse and he should be ashamed of it. so u come to his house, tell him u want to talk to him, tell him what u wrote here about that night and tell him u re hurt and do not want to see him again. maybe he will apologize and u will forgive him, but in any case it is good to let him know how hurt u re still. and if i were u i wouldn't go to any restaurant with the child's abuser and his btch. who beats small children? he will rot in hell. u re 26 years old and he is an old man, it is not like he is going to beat u again, so tell him how u feel

  • Pearl
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    3 months ago

    maybe youre afraid of him cause he was abusive

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    This was over twenty years ago and you're still obsessing over this?  You need to see a therapist to help you with your anxiety and self-esteem issues.

  • 3 months ago

    Abusers like that don't suddenly fix themselves.

    Trust your instincts and if you can handle it, confront them on the abuse.

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