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Relationship advice before I lost my mind... should I take a break, leave, none?

I was in a horrible long term (3-4yr) relationship, within months I luckily found an awesome guy. I’ve only been single once in my life, part of 6th grade after a breakup. Happiest I ever was. I’m in 12th now & I never got to enjoy my own independence it seems. But how can I say that while I’m with this awesome guy whose given me a promise ring & our 1&1/2 year is coming up. He was so driven about me when it began until ig 8mo we stoped excitedly counting down till 1yr. Then he recorded me without my consent & was only sorry after he got confronted 2 hours later (I had to think abt what to say or I’d lose it) duh. He begs me to hold onto my ring, give him one shot more before I leave. I’ve been dealt a new concern over the months however. I can’t shake the feeling that he’s not as grateful as he should be. Not just for that, but the fact he has (not to be cocky) smart, independent (truly raises myself since I left home @12 & got my own car & etc), a figure, attractive (he remembers how guys talked abt me, his friends too, himself, people in public), funny, loyal, great friend, etc. But I never feel like he gives a **** anymore. I can get dressed up nice every once in awhile & he doesn’t even look at me or say anything. I’ve asked “how’s this”, *doesnt look at me* “fine” like I’m stupid. When my feelings are mentioned (depression, anxiety, ptsd, suicide, all, whatever) they aren’t always acknowledged. Doesn’t always stand up for me. Lots of bad but also good? I don’t know

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    I don't understand what you meant by he recorded you ?? If you could explain a little please. But anyways, Issues in a relationship can be fixed, BUT, a partner not listening to the other partner about her/his feelings, not communicating well, Those are all bad signs. If you explain this to him and he does not change for you, then he truly does not love you. When you point out a harmful mistake to your partner, they should immediately hug you and say "Im so sorry, I had no idea of this, I promise I will neve do this again". If thats not the response, then you dump his sorry A** in the trash where it belongs, Hope this helps, - A wise man

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