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Where any of the desecrated statues built by your own ancestors? If so, what's this experience been like for you?

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  • 1 month ago

    No. Because mine were serfs in eastern Europe.

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    1 month ago not that I know of.  My ancestors on one side of the family fought in the Civil War, on the Union side, from California and Texas. From California, his unit was sent to Arizona. In Texas, the other ancestor was in the Union cavalry and served in Louisiana, after the Union capture of New Orleans, then returned to Texas before the war's end. Only a relative handful of men in Texas served for the Union.  I don't think either of those ancestors would have been happy to see Confederate monuments raised, after they risked their lives, as volunteers, to put down the rebellion.  Especially in Texas, where the secessionists were defeated, but regained power anyway, thanks to Andrew Johnson's eventual leniency and the North's desire to wash its hands of the Southern situation.

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