Is he attracted to me or is he just trying to be nice?

I was at church, a new guy came to visit one Sunday. I always caught him glancing at me. I then figured out that it was a friends older brother, he was 18 and could only speak Spanish. 

I could always see from the corner of my eye that he stares at me. The next day, at church, I saw him again and we held about a 4 second eye contact.

Then my friends sister had a baby shower. He was there also and was mostly quiet and would always stay at a corner or far away. But I always caught him looking at me. 

This night, 4th of July, they also had a bday party for my friend. Once they started doing some fireworks, my siblings and I would be next to the road to watch them fire it up. The guy was there also and we were next to him. Once my siblings left to go inside for a drink, he kept glancing at me and finally spoke. In Spanish he asked what my name was, I told him my name and he smiled and said it's a nice name. I asked him for his. Then I apologized that my Spanish was not very well but he said it was fine. He continued asking questions like , is it hard being Christian during these times, are you afraid of your dad and is he strict with you, how many siblings, and he asked how old I was. I felt bad bc I only answered short answers since I'm not really well with Spanish. But he was respectful and asked more questions. 

Once I was about to go, he offered me a candy. I smiled and said thanks.


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  • DP.
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    Maybe, maybe not!

    Whether he is or is not, isn't the question you should be asking!

    You should be asking God what He wants, because if you don't you could enter into a world of painful regrets!

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