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What was the point of my boyfriend lying about my gift. ?

Is this a red flag should I be worried about him lying about something as simple as this? For the record I wouldn’t have cared if he didn’t buy me anything since he gives me $200 every week. I lost my job so he’s been helping me with bills. It’s the principle of the lying that has me on edge and concerned if I should marry him. He bought me a birthday gift it was ear buds that were $7 at cvs. He said the ear buds were extremely expensive he said they were $300  but I found the receipt for them when I was in his car I was sitting down and seen the receipt in the cup holder. I was like is this the receipt for the ear phones. He lied and said no and I was like well these are the exact same brand and the place is right next to my house. He still lied. He later told me the truth but I don’t sit well with the lies. He then was like “ well it’s expensive to me these are expensive to me” and he was talking to me with an attitude. Don’t get it twisted. I’m grateful but I’m not grateful for someone blantantly lying about something as simple as this 

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    Rather than asking him was this the reciept when it obviously was, ask him why he thought he needed to lie about the amount he spent on them. Saying you appreciated them regardless of what they cost was OK, his lying to you was not. 

  • Foofa
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    If $7 is expensive to him you need to stop draining him of $200 a week. It's not his fault you're unemployed. In fact if you're legitimately unemployed you're taking in whatever your state's rate is + $600 a month from the feds. You're sounding a little greedy, girlfriend. 

  • Tj
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    But you have No problem taking $200 a week from him. I hope like the devil he dumps your ungrateful butt.  I hope he wakes up. You are not a good person. Shame on you. Hope he wakes up soon.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Of course it's a red flag!  Lying and being a jerk always is.  Also, I hope you have enough sense to ignore the answer saying he gives you $200/week, so that makes the lying and attitude ok.  That's horrible advice.  But it might be what your bf thinks too.  That's just another red flag.

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    He gives you $200 a week. The appropriate response to someone telling you they spent $300 on your ear buds is to LAUGH. Laugh out loud and say something like, "I'm not falling for that, buddy. But thank you for thinking of me". You TAKE $200 a week from him for your convenience. Sounds like you intend for that to continue. Give me a break. Has he asked you to marry him? 

  • David
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    1 month ago

    Your boyfriend has a problem more basic than being a liar.  You never give a gift to somebody to impress them. You give a gift to somebody hoping that it will make them happy.  You do it, because their happiness is YOU.  In choosing a gift, your budget is one consideration.  But you don't consider cost until you have a good idea what gift you might want to give.  In some cases, you might discover that the gift you really want to give costs nothing at all.  And those free gifts are often the most well-received.  One good way to decide what to give a person is to choose something that you yourself would like to receive.  I happen to collect Android phones, so a nice mid-range Android phone with a powerful processor and OLED display might make me happy.  And so, that is something that I might think of, to give as a gift to someone I care about.  It is something that I myself would like to receive, and therefore it might be a perfect gift for me to give to somebody else.  But once I have decided what the gift should be, the only thing left is to decide if I can afford to buy it or not.  If it is within my means, then I purchase it and give it away, as a gift.  

    However, I do NOT tell the person who receives the gift, how much it cost me to purchase that gift.  And if the person I give the gift to happens to ASK...

    Then I am very vague or evasive with my answer.  I definitely do not quote a price....not an actual price, not an over-inflated price, not a lower figure, either.

    To tell somebody how much a gift costs you to buy is very selfish.  It shows that your heart was not in the right place when you chose to give the gift.  A gift is meant to bring happiness into the life of someone you love.  You can't put a price on that, and it is rude to try.

    If your boyfriend liked and said the earbuds were $300, then he was wrong.

    If your boyfriend told the truth and said the earbuds were $7, then he was wrong.

    You should be insulted.  Your boyfriend didn't give you a gift.  It was more of a bribe.  Otherwise, he would not have had to label it with a monetary value of ANY kind.  His giving you a gift doesn't demonstrate that he cares about you.  His giving you a gift was an ironically SELFISH act.

    Don't dump him for being a liar.  Dump him for being a selfish prick...

  • Linda
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    1 month ago

    I see that as a red flag, yes, but on the other hand, he is giving you two hundred dollars per week. That's eight hundred dollars per month. That is not a small chunk of change there. So whether he paid seven dollars or three hundred doesn't matter. He obviously wanted to impress you and so he fabricated it and he didn't think you'd check. He did lie and date him longer before you decide to marry him. Also as soon as you can,stop taking money from him and offer to pay him back. He overall sounds like a very sweet guy but he might exaggerate from time to time which might be a deal breaker if the lie is big enough!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If he is willing to turn $7 into $300 - then think of what else he might be willing to lie about or exaggerate on.

    Lies in a relationship is NOT a good foundation.

    How many times have you NOT caught the lies.  Is this a habit with him.

    Let him know that he can always be honest with you and that price doesn't matter - especially when money is tight.  Make sure he knows he doesn't need to impress you by the price he spends on you.  See how things go and if you catch anymore lies - then it is time to think about moving on.

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