Is she mad with me?????

My name is Adrian and at work I met this girl named Lily back in 2017, she’s really beautiful and caring. I had the biggest crush on her but she was married with two kids, and I respect her. I noticed she would always stare at me like crazy, she would blush when we talk more and more, I would always go to her desk and we would talk about anything. 

 One day Lily was talking to my best friend (a girl). Lily Told her she was having feelings for me but felt guilty because she’s married. She mentioned that she cared about me, she told my best friend to never tell me the truth.Months later other coworkers began making rumours about us, they said that we were always together and that there could be more going on between us. She would talk to me behind everyone’s back and I trusted her. I noticed she was getting into trouble at work. she didn’t want To see me in trouble but later I noticed she begin giving me the cold shoulder.  one day I gave her a gift card for her birthday, but later she gave the gift card to management. she told my manager that my presence is affecting her, so my manager moved me to a different floor far from Lily. 3 weeks later she left work for 1 whole year and blocked me from everything. Lily returned back in May, she didn’t look at me and it’s like I never existed. My friend told her I still miss her but she didn’t talk about me at all. Why did she push me away this way???? And apparently she’s changed a lot

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  • 4 weeks ago

    New profile name.

    Changing the players names doesn't change the same tired spam.  

    3 years ago. Give it up she isn't going to sabotage her marriage over some obsessive loser like you.

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