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why did the Africans not suffer the same fate as the noble savage of the American continent known as a Native American or Indian to angels?

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    Indian (Native American) tribes were at war constantly with themselves as much as African tribes were with each other in Africa.  The difference is the winning tribe in Africa often took the defeated African prisoners and sold the African prisoners to Arab slavers.  The American Indians didnt have this option of the Arab slave traders to sell prisoners to. so they took no prisoner.  Im not sure noble savage is a correct term to apply to all Indians many did integrate and breed with the Americans the rest did fight  very noble to the end always pushed further west.  While many Indians did integrate by breeding with Europeans many fought to the death partly because of their history of not taking or being a prisoner of war.  So blacks have been successful inheriting the advanced civilization of white people without ever doing much but whining. 

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    1 month ago

    Are you talking about diseases? Africa is connected to Europe and there has been constant travel for hundreds of thousands of years. Native Americans were cut off for 20,000 years.

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