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Big cartel taxes?

Hello, so I am 19 and I am starting an e-commerce business through big cartel. I know that big cartel handles sales tax for me. I live in Indiana so would I still have to report my sales tax separately ? Also do I need to file federal taxes as well?

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    If "Big Cartel" handles your sales taxes, that is done.  If you mean they collect them for you but it is up to you to send them in, then you report them and send them in.

    You do have to report your profit to Indiana and the federal government for income tax purposes.  There is no federal sales tax.  You don't say what you are selling, so there is no way to say whether there are federal excise taxes.

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    Cartels? As in mexican criminals?  I hope you are kidding pendayho.

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    1 month ago

    What is "big cartel" ?  I have a feeling you will fail.

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