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Spike asked in HealthMental Health · 1 month ago

Is What IF Bad To Use  in Conversations and In Life?

Whether a person has Mental Health Problem like General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attack, ADHA, OCD, Social Anxiety, Bipolar, etc..... or not at all. Because people with any kind of Mental Health that able to function(like do stuff go to the store go for a check up, blood test, etc...) might think differently

Is it just bad to use "What If" in a conversation, how ever the conversation goes and in life. In one's thinking, no matter what the subject is in the conversation and what happening in life?

Is there nothing good about "What If" at all?


Like, What if this then or What if that happens, etc....

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    “What if?” is a very obscure question because, can we ever really answer anything in life? Do we really need to? As long as we’re doing what we want and not doing anything that could hurt ourselves or others we can do what we want. The possibilities of life are endless but easy to get wound up in. Relax and don’t worry. You can control what you do in life but why worry about what happens to you or around you if it can’t be helped? We just face it and deal with it. 

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