Do you claim disability status?

I am applying for Environmental Technician. I do have autism. Normally, I never answer these questions but they give me a yes or no option. 


It's the way the question is worded that got me. I think my mother got SSI or something but it got cut off. I think it was after they saw that I was capable of working. Idk.

Update 2:

Getting a job to force myself to interact with people helped me a lot. Although a few spotted possibilities that I have autism and I don't know what exactly it is I do that give it away sometimes.

1 Answer

  • 3 months ago

    1. In most cases it is illegal to ask that question. If they give PREFERENCE to people with disabilities it is ok. If a specific disability would make it impossible to do your job it is OK. Otherwise not on the application

    2. If they collect data about the race, sex, disability status, sexual orientation of employees to demonstrate diversity It must be a separate HR question and cannot be kept in the same file as your personnel records.

    3. If one or two is NOT true, do not answer the question yes. It is an illegal question and does not get an answer.

    4. If one or two IS true, you have two options. 1. Answer yes, if you have a disability that requires accommodations and you do not think you will be discriminated against. 2. Answer no, if you think you will be discriminated against.

    You are not required to disclose a disability unless you are HIRED, ****AND*** want to request accommodations.  If you do not want accommodations, you do not need to disclose, but you also cannot work differently than others without disabilities.

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