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Can you get tonsillitis from oral sex?

I don’t show any symptoms of any STDS besides the sore throat and white spots on the tonsils. They aren’t really swollen or anything either. No problems in the genital area or rectum or anything like that and all we did was oral. But i know stds can be asymptomatic. My family members have had tonsillitis before so it might be hereditary. Is this the same as an oral STD/STI or is this just a normal case of tonsillitis or both? No rude answers please. 

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  • Dj2541
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    4 weeks ago

    Tonsillitis is not  hereditary.

    Go  and  see a doctor  or a sexual health  clinic  and  have it  swabbed to  see  what is  growing?

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  • RICK
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    4 weeks ago

    Some STDs can be acquired  by oral sex

    Gonorrhea  can cause it 

  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    no you can't.....................

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    STIs commonly caught through oral sex are:


     genital herpes


    Infections less frequently passed on through oral sex include:



     hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C

     genital warts

     pubic lice

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    NO way to know without testing, COuld be tonsillitis=the usual strep one, or not.  There is no hereditary element to this.

  • 1 month ago

    There is no connection.

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