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Will panic attacks ever come to an end?

I’m 19 & I’ve been struggling with severe panic attacks for one year . I’ve been to several psychologists and psychiatrists and nothing really changed  . I can’t go anywhere far from home or from my mom(I feel safe only with her)  . I work as a fashion model and I have cancelled a lot of jobs with silly excuses because this industry wouldn’t really understand the anxiety and the agoraphobia I’m going through. I love my work and I loved going outside and traveling and I feel so sad for not being able to do so now. I turned to many psychiatrists and literally nothing change and I’m starting to feel desperate as if this is going to be my life forever . I’m really afraid that I’ll lose many chances and people if my life stays this way and I tried many times to beat my fear and get on a train or go at work but it only makes things worse because I freak out more when I try.

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    One thing that can help is time. You know the old saying, "familiarity breeds contempt." People often get used to these attacks, so that they become taken for granted and more a nuisance than anything. Then they just go away, because if you're not afraid of a panic attack, you can't get one.

    I'll tell you about a couple of things you might not be familiar with.

    A study by a researcher named Meuret at Southern Methodist University showed that a biofeedback method called CART that reinforces slow, shallow breathing was more effective than cognitive therapy for panic disorder. Slow breathing is often recommended, but deep breathing tends to promote hyperventilation, making it hard for people to breathe. Many people use slow breathing self-help successfully.

    There's a treatment called interoceptive exposure therapy. It's teaching people not to fear the symptoms of the panic attack by deliberately bringing on the symptoms - for example by bringing on a fast heartbeat by aerobic exercise.

    You can't go wrong with stress management. Taking your stress level down won't hurt and it might help with your problem. Another thing that won't hurt - slow breathing.

    This answer has advice from a psychologist about panic,  stress, and breathing -

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    You should talk to experts in that area you may need meds , counseling , or both

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