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Women only: Is there a way to temporary fix a button gaps of shirts and wear fully buttoned?

This is one of my favorite shirts, but my problem is - my bust has increased from 34B/C to an 32DD/E over the past five to seven years as I used to underweight when I bought it.

Thankfully it's a print and I still wear it with a few buttons undone with a cami underneath, but as I used to donate them when this happens - I wonder - Is there any way to minimize the gap at the bust and buttoned it all the way? Since it's a print - does it look THAT noticeable?

The second pic, I hold the shirt back as thats how it looks when its tucked into a skirt.


In the pic, I'm wearing a sporty type of minimize bra, not a push up! So I can't really make my bust any smaller with a different bra and having back problems, I don't go without one when in puplic! lol

Update 2:

It's a H&M inexpensive blouse, so I thinking of passing it to a friend instead. I can't sew and we don't have alteration shops in my town as it's not really a thing here.

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    You can't minimize the gap because there's not enough fabric to go around the bust. Unfortunately it's quite noticeable even though the fabric is a print. You need to add fabric.

    Can you sew? Do you have a sewing machine? Are you near a fabric store? You need to add fabric to the shirt so there's room for the breasts. More room will end the gaps. One simple way is to add band of fabric to the center fronts - a new button band/placket and buttonhole band/placket.  sew the old holes shut and see buttonholes into the new placket. Also sew buttons onto the new placket. You can add up to two inches depending on the width of the placket. Cutting the center back from hem to collar and adding a large triangle shaped gore or godet to the back is often enough to release the pressure on the buttonholes and eliminate gaps. Your shirt will now have a swingy trapeze shape. You could also add godet panels to the side seams. Or only use side seam inserted godet. Again, use a solid color fabric similar on weight and drape as your top. 

    Don't cut vertically at the bust point from hem to shoulder and add fabric there. That's way too obvious that you needed extra room at the bust line. 

    The back panel looks like a planned design detail and can be found on clothes sold in stores. The side inserts look a little less like a design detail and more like a size alteration. The extended button placket can look really good as long as the old holes are sewn closed. One student on my alterations class closed the old buttonholes and sewed big shiny buttons over the old holes. There were two vertical lines of shiny buttons on the front,one holding the blouse closed and one to cover old holes and look spiffy.

    If you can sew perhaps an alterations shop can help. If you love the blouse spending a little money to continue wearing it is a smart investment.

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    Fabric tape can help or a pin. 

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