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Have you ever maintained consciousness while falling asleep?

Normally when we fall asleep we may suddenly find ourself in a dream (maybe a lucid dream) but there seems to be a missing time gap from the time we fell asleep until the dream. 

One time I was able to fall asleep without ever losing consciousness. I closed my eyes and it felt like I went insanely fast through a multicolored light tunnel/tube within an infinite black space. I was then in a lucid dream and forced myself to wake back up, again blasting through the light tunnel. I never lost self awareness the entire time.

Has this happened to anyone? What is this?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    If you are interested in dreams as much as I am, seek out dream researches and even participate in them.  That way many your questions can be answered.  Sleep Labs are located all over the world.  People go there to sleep and they are monitored, and hooked up to computers that can tell when we go into REM sleep. (Rapid Eye Movement)  Then a nurse or clerk walks into your room and wakes you up and asked you to relate your dream.  They do this through the night, and so they collect data on dreams in this way.  They may be aware of what you are describing about dreaming without losing consciousness. 

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