What do you think is the cause?

I’m male, 24. So I’ve been getting rashes all over my face and on my chest for almost seven years now and I still have no idea where I got it. This started when we moved to the US in 2013. We stayed for a couple days at a hotel because my dad was still settling the residential lease agreement for our new house. We stayed there for about seven days. This happened the second night of our stay. Before I went to bed, my face started feeling a little stingy and itchy. I thought maybe my body was just reacting to the new environment or I just needed to wash my face so I did. We only had two beds so my mom and my sister shared one bed and my dad and my little brother shared the other bed and I slept on the couch. When I woke up the next day, my face was very very itchy so I looked to check on the mirror and oh my goodness, my face was so red and there were small bumps that were very itchy. I was panicking so I told my parents. They set an appointment for a dermatologist so I could get checked. They said it must be a fungal infection or seborrheic dermatitis so they prescribed me a cream to put on my face. I used it for a few days and it did work but the rash came back again so I stopped it. I went to the store to look for a different cream that’s over the counter and I found cortizone cream. I used it and it worked but the rash came back again so I stopped it.


I got so tired of it so I decided to look for a natural remedy. I tried aloe vera, oatmeal, honey, and Selsun Blue shampoo and that’s what I’ve been using for the past seven years, though the rash still keeps coming back. It’s just quite strange to me because the rash only seems to come back on the very same spots. They only appear on my face and my chest. 

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