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Would Navy or Black go/match better with this Top?

Usually I wear burgundy with it, but sometimes want to go for a more dark neutral look. The dark color in the print is a deep reddish brown. Now I don't own any brown bottoms - so I wonder would Navy or Black work better or both?

I prefer gold jewelry so greys are not included as I don't like gold and grey together.

Only asking about the color combination - not style. With short tops like this one, I usually go for longer skirts.


While I own ivory white and peach skirt, but I wrote I wanted a DARK look because that's more me, wearing dark neutrals and adding color through accessories.I used to own some dark-browns in the past but trying to slowly remove it from my wardrobe,as some shades looks too similar to black ("dress in the dark"),but trying to match exactly to a print is a bit old-school/matchy-matchy for me. It just certain combination i tends to avoid such as gold with grey and black/blackish navy/brown together.

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    Neither. you need either brown, white, or that other orange-pink color, not some color that doesn't appear in the blouse. 

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