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Does this Hair color looks fairly Natural?

But please no "natural hair color is better", because I wouldn't shave my hair off or let it be for a stranger, you know. ;P

My hair was bleached and highlighted before and I added a conditioner with pigment (kind of like La riche directions, Maniac Panic dyes but alot of lighter) and got this hair color. In room light, it just look lightbrown/ashbrown but in direct lightning, the highlights has a metallic purple tint. Naturally, I'm a dark ashy blonde (deeper than "dirty blonde").

If you were not knowing the person - could this hair could pass as natural looking?

and yes, I'm very natural pale. I'm from the north Europe where we don't have much of sunlight and I'm healthy. (often have this complaint that I'm too pale, lol)


It's Same color of both, but different lightning. My eyebrows are ashy blonde, but I usually fill them with pencil as they are very fine and I'm asking about the hair color itself, not whether it's looks attractive/flattering on me. lolz

Update 2:

Silver/Black non-permanent dyes sometimes gives a purple/blue tint on blonde hair, perhaps the monitor, but its more noticeable on my phone. Black Hair sometimes has this tint naturally, but not sure if it could occur naturallly in brown/blondes. This is an example of brunette with this purple tint. Mine are more subtile:

and this is my natural hair color:

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    It looks natural to me.

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    I have no idea if your eyebrows match either color. 

    Without seeing your face it's difficult to say what looks better. 

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