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Best shampoo and conditioner for white guy with afro?

My hair’s getting real long from the quarantine, and I still haven’t made the decision to get it cut. I think I’m just gonna keep it going though. Was just wondering what is the best products for this kind of hair, because some conditioners make it real flat for like a day, but if I use certain ones it kinda gets a powerful jewfro thing going, and I think I’m digging it. Any reccomendations? (Btw im jewish I can say jewfro lol)

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    OGX Shampoos and conditioners are really good. They have several different shampoos with matching conditioners.. They have Coconut oil, Argan oil, and others.  You can find them at any Walmart on the shampoo aisle. They cost 6.99 each, but very well worth the money.  I use the Coconut Oil. What a difference!!!!  Have a happy and safe 4th of July Ethan.

  • Yes you can. One of my uncles had a fro and he's white. 

    If you can get it cut, do so but wear a mask if you have to go to a barber / salon. I got my hair cut today (July 4th) and I felt completely safe in my salon.

    You should use light weight products that offer some light weight conditioning and volume. Curly hair of any type can be dryer then other hair types, so you should condition or even deep condition your hair regularly. I have curly hair but it's not that curly.

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    I have string-straight hair, but my friend rocks a jewfro.

    No idea what kind of shampoo he uses, but I know he uses a volumizing conditioner and rinses it out well. (Volumizing shampoos exist, in case you didn't know that.) He uses a no-shine mousse that's supposed to be lightweight to help it maintain its height. As it dries (he refuses to use a hair dryer, even in cold weather) he scrunches it with his fingers, especially on top, grabbing handfuls of it and squeezing lightly to encourage it to curl.

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