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Did I break my toe?

I slipped on water last night, and my foot slid into the wall SO HARD. The toe next to my pinky toe is in an extreme amount of pain, and I’m struggling to walk and drive. It even hurts at the bottom of my foot under that area of my toe. 

Should I go to the doctor or will I be fine ?

Money is super tight, so if I don’t neeeed to go to the doctor I don’t wanna. 

It hurts so so bad though. 

Did I break it ?? It hurts to move it and lift it back with my finger too

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    Wait four days to see what happens. Could be a number of things from ligament strain to broken bones.If broken, they can buddy tape it but that is really all they do. If it is ligament, they will tell you to wait a couple of weeks, if it is still really bad they may send you for an MRI to see the severity. Rarely will anything besides time be recommended.  So basically if you go the doc, you'll wait to see what happens and if you don't go to the doc, you'll wait and see what happens. In rare cases, you might break a bone in the foot itself, as opposed to the toe, if bad enough, that can require surgery and pins and such to keep things in place. So give it a week, if you still feel something is broken inside the foot, not the toe itself, X rays may be warranted.

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