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Is there a point in living anymore when you lost all your value (attraction wise)?

I'm 44 and I was gorgeous until I suffered a rare side effect from a medicine that melted my facial features. It is not repairable. My boyfriend left me, I lost my career and new guys are fake nice to me when we meet, but make fun of me behind my back. I don't understand the point of living anymore when I have to live asexually.

Please don't tell me looks don't matter when we live in a social media world.

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    Thanks for sharing your story. Now hear mine: I have had four back surgeries and I suffer from pain all over. It hurts in my chest, my bones, my ribs, legs, back and even with pain meds, it is a raging inferno. I am trying to hold on for the sake of my autistic son. My husband and me have been arguing a lot because I am  bedridden. I know you have had a tragic thing happen to you. So have I. Choose life. There is always a reason to live.

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    Don't give up.  See 2 very brave girls -Katie Piper & Resham Khan, two models who were attacked with acid. They refused to give up and are both working now and leading happy lives

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    well its hard an life is never fair, point being you had possibly an above average wealth of good looks and enjoyed that. like anybody losing a main attribute it will hurt and can be awful. footballers losing career due to knee joint issues. artists  going blind . brilliant musician having accident or no longer able to play due to arthritis etc  all can keep looking back on glories and wonderful life. then compare to a possible miserable one now will feel depressed  possibly even suicidal. however we have not looked  at others yet. Those whom still suffer even today being slaves . mentally troubled . born with disfigurements. ( young lady near us about 18  has no legs and stumps for arms ) others suffering abuse .bullying etc  due to wrong skin colour. wrong hair colour . wearing glasses. having a lisp etc you are not alone in being subject others poor attitudes towards  us. however it is how we deal with things that matter.Life can throw lots  at us but we need to pick ourself up. stand strong and make life adjust to our will not hide away and feel sorry for self . not easy but with help you too can be yourself and win a decent life. look up the guy for with no legs .under size  etc  whom made a point of learning to dive and swim ( bloody hard) he then started going to  lectures about disability etc and  others reactions to him.  even learning to make joke of things! he now appears at school etc all over and gets huge respect.  point being  it is only one life u get, either make it  bright and ignore what isn't  doing you any good such as sniggering form others and look fo things atet give YOU a window on world that we can  enjoys sunshine. nature. etc having pet dog can be really useful a they never judge you and are always pleased to see you home  when you pop to shops .love given unconditionally . other than that do try counselling . etc 

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    Yeah. It sucks. Sucks for women. Sucks for men. We're not taught to look beyond the pretty shell. New guys are 'fake nice'? Yeah, well, that's how we (humans) usually treat people who don't look 'normal'. Some of us get past it but it's b/c we've exposed to it. We've worked with the disfigured or whatever. I'm sorry. I don't think you want me to sugarcoat things for you. 

    You don't understand the point of living without sex? Well, all I can tell you is "Lucid dreaming. Learn it.". I know it's rough but you CAN learn it and you can have ANYTHING you want in lucid dreams EXCEPT these things: 

    1) that which is necessary to keep your body alive. You can't dream that you ate food and then skip REAL food and still survive. 

    2) the moral. You can DREAM that you're helping orphans or feeding the poor or whatever but it doesn't mean you've done anything good for anyone. 

    But hot sex, flying on a Pegasus, owning your own castle? All of that and more if you just stick with it for a few years. Your first lucid dream will probably happen within a month but you'll need a few years to get really GOOD at it. 

    What's it like to KNOW that you're dreaming WHILE you're dreaming? Imagine waking up from what you're doing right now. The graphics can be that good. The content is up to your mind to hash out. Like I said, it will be awhile before you can just have all your fantasies come true but it's worth it. 

    Sorry for the crappy hand that life dealt you. I really am. I hope you feel better about things. 

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