Friend is depressed and hooking up a lot?

A very close friend of mine is depressed and she grew up in a really shitty environment. I never knew she was depressed until she recently told me and I just cried. So anyway, due to the environment she was brought up in, she has problems with affections and loneliness? She say she feels empty all the time. And her past boyfriends has been really shitty and negative people. Now she's just separating her emotions and hooking up with guys on dating apps because she says she feels nothing. I'm not sure what to do tbh, I'm telling her to please stop it because I know she would easily catch feelings no matter how much she tries to deny it. Separating emotions isn't good at all I think, it'll probably come back to haunt you. It's so sad to see her this way and I'm not sure if nagging her would help? I don't want her to distant herself from me or anything. What should I say or not say to her???

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  • Brian
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    1 month ago
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    In a sense, this is very parallel to cutting... she's trying to bring her negative emotions to a physical level and trying to divert them to a physical sensation. Some prefer to feel physical pain which is why they cut, others turn to lots of meaningless sex to feel pleasure. Tell her this so she can see what she's doing to herself and let her know that dating apps aren't the best thing to do and that if she were to find someone with substance she can feel MEANINGFUL physical pleasure with someone special instead and perhaps they can be supportive of helping her get out of her depression. In the interim until she finds someone suggest she have a lot of "me time" to fulfill her desires.

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