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What's it like to be a dishwasher?

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    Since this is in singles and dating, then yeah, girls love to date dishwashers

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    You’re the one to speak, wallet. Life is great. We literally make humans. Before you say that “Men help woman make them too“, it is proven that 2 woman can have kids. Don’t get me wrong, we need males as well. Females need males and males need females. Equality. 

  • edward
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    1 month ago

    You mean like a job or as an appliance?  As a job...dirty.  I mean i only did it at one place i worked and we called it the dish cleansing station...we had a huge automatic dishwasher with a belt to take the dishes through.  When i worked the dishes it hurt my arms because the dishes are heavy.  As an appliance?  Probably wet and hot.  Nice and shiny in brushed steel inside and out but when the door is closed and the machine is on...wet and during the drying hot

  • 1 month ago

    Easy and probably least mentally stressful job in the world. Just physically tiring.

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