What is wrong with my 2007 Dodge Caliber 2.0L?

My car has been stalling and losing power. I changed and relearned the crankshaft position sensor and the problem got worse, so it's possible that the new crankshaft sensor is bad but I'm not sure. When the car starts from cold it has to crank for about 10 seconds before it will start and it runs rough (accelerator doesn't provide much power no matter how far it's pushed) until the engine warms up and it is restarted. After it's restarted when it's warm, it runs perfect but once it gets cold again it is hard to start again. It's shooting a P0335 code and a misfire code as well (P0300). It's also shooting like 10 random ORC codes but this could be unrelated.

I also checked the connector of the crankshaft position sensor with a multimeter. It's a 3 pin connector and the two outside pins are reading 5v. Is that a sign of a short or anything or should it be like that? The middle pin is the ground and I checked that as well and it is working fine. 

Hope someone can help because the mechanics shops around my house said it wasn't the timing chain and they don't know what it is. I don't really want to pay $100 for them to do an electrical diagnosis especially if I don't need to. 

Thanks in advance for any help. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Then se what a p0335 and a p0300 say. Check your vacuum hoses connected to the engine as the rubber gets cooked out of them and they do not squeeze closed like a tight vagina.  That is hard if it remains round.  Cut off an inch of rubber and squeeze again.  If it is now flexible slide it onto the brass nib you took it off of and try another hose on the engine.  The ones on the engine are the ones that get hot and the rubber stretch gets cooked out.  It may be that simple. 

  • 1 month ago

    You should check that the camshaft is in correct time with the crankshaft.

  • 1 month ago

    Then pay $2000 for an oscilloscope and compare the waveform on your motor's crankshaft sensor to a good known wave form. If it looks the same you'll then need  mechanics scan tool to read all the engine data to make sure all the other sensors are working with in spec. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You will need to check reference voltage, ground and signal voltage while the engine is cranking, running and with the connector disconnected.  It is also a must to check the signal voltage on an o-scope.

    You can also check if there is a fuel pressure problem.  Check the fuel pressure with a gauge while cranking when the engine is dead cold.  If fuel pressure is not good, check power and ground at the fuel pump while cranking.  If power and ground is good, the fuel pump is bad.


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