Intelligence vs counterintelligence?

What’s the difference exactly..? 

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  • Clive
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    1 month ago

    Intelligence operations are designed to get secret information, which for this purpose is called intelligence, by spying on another country.  This can be either by sending your own spies in to find things out, or getting information from people working for the other side.  So this is work largely done abroad.

    Why would people give away secrets about their own country?  It'll be either because they have come to hate their government, or just to get paid.  An example of the latter is Aldrich Ames, who worked for the CIA and gave information to the Russians because he wanted money.  He eventually got caught and is serving life without parole in federal prison.  One thing that identified him was he was spending far more than he earned from the CIA, he didn't have anywhere else he received income from, so how can he afford this?  It was all Russian money and they were paying him a LOT.Counterintelligence consists of trying to catch spies.  So it's kind of the opposite.  It's working to stop the other side getting intelligence about YOU, that is, to counter THEIR intelligence operations, geddit?  I remember in the days of the Cold War there would occasionally be news reports of Russian diplomats expelled from the country because they were found to be spying on us.  That would be the result of counterintelligence work.  And of course catching Ames was the work of the counterintelligence part of the CIA.

  • 1 month ago

    Now-a-days: Intelligence lies to entice a country into War.

    Counter-Intelligence tries to tell the truth to prevent war.

    What it USED to mean:

    1.Intelligence was gathering information as a defensive promotion.

    the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

    2. the collection of information of military or political value.

    Counter Intelligence: was propaganda designed to fool the enemy into thinking other than the correct aims of a country. As om"Counter-intelligence (contre-ingérence) means activities concerned with identifying and counteracting threats to the security"

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