Why are you not obese?

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    1 month ago
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    Because I work out every other day, eat low-fat 365 days a year, and watch my carbs and sugar--and am fat anyway? Not obese, but definitely overweight.

    Aging metabolisms slow way, way down.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Because there is one thing called METABOLISM

    and for those who are not lucky - goes to the gym, exercises or maintain their food intake - and there is those who are on the opposite extreme weight, being too skinny.

    When I was a teenager I could eat snacks and soda daily without gaining a pound and it took me TEN years to regain my weight I lost from a (non-eating related) depression and I don't consider that a bad thing. (the only bad thing is having to donate/get rid of clothes due to weight changes. thats the only thing I worry about, weight wise).

    While some people find it harder to loose weight due medical, psychical or genetic causes, YOU have a choice over your own body. If you don't want to be obese, do something about it. You wont get slimmer by complaining it towards others who are not.

    and honestly, a bit of chubbiness is not a bad thing (because people perceive themselves and others as heavier than they are)- as it is not really worst than have amnesia due to being anorectic/too underweight caused by social norms where people starve themselves to look like a size zero model.

    Source(s): Currently normal weight woman's opinion, who lived her youth surviving on diet shakes as I wasn't able to gain weight.
  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    since my last stroke, I don't get hungry .........................

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