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Do You WWE Fans Agree That Alexa Bliss Is A Hypocrite Last Night On 'Smackdown'? Do You Agree She Shouldnt Practice What She Preach?

im sick of Alexa Bliss running mourh about Sasha & Bayley and she's the last the call them bullies and she the nerve to slap Bayley like she's a saint in the WWE. Alexa was wrong look whos talking said the girl who had Mickie James in her corner to be the sd women's champion over Becky Lynch Sasha had a point last night and Alexa is a hypocrite when Sasha said to her and Nikki 'Do You Know How Ridiculous You Both Sound?' Alexa Bliss needs to look in the mirror before she passes judgement on Sasha & Bayley how many times did Alexa torment and poke fun at Bayley in the past durning her heel run while Bayley was a babyface. we know she'll turn on Nikki at Extreme Rules: The Horror Show

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    You know that WWE isn’t real, right?

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