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About Keto adaptation?

does eating frequently on a keto diet actually slows down adaptation?

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    Yes it does. In order for your body to go to the hard work of burning ketones for fuel, it needs to have not only zero sources of non-ketone fuel (aka food) AND also basically no insulin in your system.  Insulin in produced to transport glucose/glycogen from food to your cells.  All foods require some insulin.  Even if you at only protein and fat, your body would still produce a little insulin.

    That explanation is to clarify why nibbling and snacking all the time will keep your body primed with a non-ketone fuel and insulin.  So...the best methods of getting into and remaining in ketosis (keto adapted) include intermittent fasting, eating 2 meals and no snacks a day, doing an actual 24-hour fast, and, of course, eating a diet that produces no more than 20 grams of net carbs per day.

    Being in ketosis is harder than it sounds and the only way to really know is via daily blood tests.  Urine and breath tests show what is being expelled by your body but don't actually measure what is being used for fuel by your cells.  

    You don't have to measure this at all, if you follow a keto plan, like Mark Sisson's Keto Reset Diet or Keto For Life plan, you will almost certainly be in ketosis and you'll reap the benefits of that type of eating. 

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