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Do you think Chris Benoit killed his family and then offed himself, or his family was killed and he then committed suicide?

I know this gets asked a lot. I was watching WCW and theres is just something eerie about the guy. He seems angry and disturbed.

Supposedly he answered the door and Chavo heard scuffling on the phone. Also his phone called after he supposedly died. Plus there was drugs and alcohol at the scene, when Chris did not drink. What of his family got murdered and he woke up drugged? Or was made too look like suicide?

Ir do you think he did it? 


I read he had zero alcohol in his blood, but there were empty beer cans everywhere in the garage 

Update 2:

@Jim. That's strike 2. I'm tired of your insulting sarcastic answers. "Newsfladh wcw is over"???? No one one is allowed to watch outdated wrestling you dumbass? Wow... ironic with your outdated name. You turd.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Forensic Investigators who are trained professionals who studied for years and years for a job which requires ALOT of brain power came to the conclusion that Chris Benoit was guilty.

    But people on the internet who didn't know the guy... AT ALL say that he was innocent.

    With absolutely no proof other than "BeCaUsE hE wAs a gOoD WrEstlAR?" 

    Oh that must make him innocent then.

    Absolute idiots.

    He did it.

  • You were watching World Championship Wrestling (WCW)? Newflash WCW went out of business in 2001. Chris Benoit killed his Family and himself in 2007, and I counted more than 15,000,000 links on the internet after that happened. What I saw on Dark Side of The Ring makes sense and I've always believed that when you fly through the air and strike an opponent with your head and you do this at least 200 Times a Year for 22 Years that you have rattled your Brain at least 4400 Times. When your Head has been smashed into Turnbuckles thousands of times over a 22 Year Period, I believe that he had CTE and signs of Dementia.

  • 1 month ago

    all the evidence points to chris benoit's guilt. i was a huge fan of the guy. but can't ignore facts like that. 

  • Hector
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    1 month ago

    After watching Dark Side of the Ring I am now convinced Chris Jericho did it because he didn't want better fighter Chris Benoit to beat him up and take his belt. His involvement with the Dark Side of the Ring episode is the best cover too

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    He definitely killed his family and then himself.  You should watch the Chris Benoit episode of Dark Side of the Ring.

  • 1 month ago

    Option one I believe.

  • Adam
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    1 month ago

    I think the facts speak for themselves. He was a pathetic scum of a man who murdered his wife and child

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