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In a multi-dimensional/ parallel universe reality is it more likely that there is a best and a worst reality or that they all balance evenly?

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    Theoretical physics is not my thing, so when I think of parallel universes two things come to mind.

    One is the idea that with an infinite amount of time, everything that can possibly happen, will eventually happen, or in an infinite universe, everything that can possibly happen, is happening. Given the number of minute atomic differences that are possible, both of those scenarios are somewhat unfathomable to me, and are, perhaps, only imaginary.

    The the other idea is that parallel universes are a metaphor for our minds. Every person has a concept of the universe within their minds. In some of those universes Earth is flat, in some, Earth is spherical, but all of them are parallel in the sense that they all exist at the same time, and they are all based on each individual's experience of the one objective reality, of which we are all a part.

    As for best, worst, or balanced, they are all subjectively determined. That which one judges to be good, or best, may be judged by another as bad, worst, or balanced.

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    In your imagination, there can be any reality that you can even imagine. 

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    Philosophers are not concerned with this issue. Ask a Physicist. 

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    Anyone who gives a definitive answer to this question, is either delusional, demented, or stupid. You would think after all the years I have lived, I would no longer be astonished by the absurd belief by human's that they have the intellectual capacity to answer questions like yours. I suppose it's illustrative of my own limited mentality that I am still astonished. Well, at least I'm intelligent enough to know that my mental ability is limited!

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    ALL realities ultimately balance evenly, across time and space. It is one of the absolute truths of existence. It's just that it can fluctuate in either direction at any given moment. Ultimately though, they will balance one another.

  • Realities aren't "better" or "worse"...they are different.  Best/worst is subjective.

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    Since the more negative till the more positive everywhere may there be order and progress ; i believe .

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    The only universe like that is the one I exist in.  But then it is so far more complex than that even defining it is a difficult thing to do.  Multi-dimensional and parallel become methodical words to approach some kind of definition of the minute finite little spot where it all begins.

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    The universe we live in is a multi-dimensional universe! Most people use 3.

    The parallel universe idea is that all possible events occur in alternative universes. So there would be an exponentially growing number of universes. So there would be the best and the worse and every other possibility. In the movies this idea is based on significant events, "What if I did this ...", but physics doesn't recognise any event as more important than any other, every tiny insignificant event would have parallel alternatives, according to the parallel universe idea.

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    More likely there is a spectrum of realities, even given initial starting conditions and the fine structure parameters of our universe.  This probabilistic model is reinforced by the recently presented discoveries of our universe's structure: as well as traditional models of how stars form--such formation is not chaotic, but is based on the gravitational movement of hydrogen molecules as they aggregate toward a common center of gravity; the distribution of hydrogen molecules across the early universe is similar to a Markov process in a gas, i.e., no two successive iterations are likely to be the same.  Thus each "universe" derived from a "Creation event" would, even prior to hydrogen molecules ---> stars and then galaxies, be unique.


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