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What is on your opinion is the most shocking result this season so far ?

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    Liverpool getting smashed by Watford who were in the relegation zone after going undefeated all season. 

  • 1 month ago

    the most shocking result of the season were our draws and one defeat to watford.

    we should have won our draws and won the game against watford or at LEAST gotten a draw there and i can accept losing to man city because they're such a world class fecking team.

    I was shocked we didnt do better aganist Manure at Old Toilet,  should have somehow found 5th gear sooner and equalised earlier and then all that pressure we put on those scum would have gotten us a late winner.

    but our most shocking reuslts so far have been watford defeat, man u draw at old trafford and whoever else we drew with lol

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